Book Cover: Blood Dawn: Rebirth of Vampires
Part of the Rebirth of Vampires series:
  • Blood Dawn: Rebirth of Vampires

My heart hasn't beaten in years...until the day his stopped.

Witches are straight up psychos. Well, at least the ones that force me to kill like an unchained attack dog. It doesn’t help that there hasn’t been a newborn vampire in over a decade.

No rest for the wicked, I guess.

My immortal life was destined to be filled with blood and loneliness…

It wasn't until Zac was thrown into our reluctant band of mercenary vampires, that I felt alive for the first time in eleven years. His dark eyes pierced my impenetrable skin and restarted my cold, dead heart.

But he’s not like the rest of us…

He's flawless, but also imperfect in the most desirable way. Zac can do things the rest of us can’t.

A secret hides in his hardened veins that our witch masters must never discover or their control over this world will know no end.

Shifters and Magic Collide

Remi is just beginning to understand her powers when a new face enters her life.

Meena from the Broken Wand Academy enters Remi's life and she's not alone!

It will be one hell of a week at the Academy!

Continue Remi's incredible story and find out what happens next.

Will she discover the truth about her brother? What will happen next with Remi's intense relationship with Laith? Can she uncover the truth about her ability?

Magic and Elemental Powers Battle for Everything

I've excepted who I am, Fae royalty, but now everything is at stake. I'm not human anymore, but everything I hold dear is rooted in the humanity ingrained in me. Time to bring together the best of both worlds and kick some ass... all in the hopes of saving the ones I love!