Book Cover: The Relic Queen
Part of the The Relic Chronicles series:

Loyalty Tested by Fire

Continue Arabella's thrilling quest to save a Queendom threatened by dark and sinister secrets. Her powers are growing, but the danger is exploding. Life in Lore will never be the same.

Can the Queendom of Lore survive what's to come?

Book Cover: The Relic Class
Part of the The Relic Chronicles series:

A Dreaded Ceremony. A Twist of Fate. A Death Sentence.

The world outside Lore is bleak. Desolate. Dangerous. Scavenging in the borderlands to stay alive is all Arabella's lowly Relic class family has ever known. It's a miserable existence, but as long as she has her true love, Asher, by her side, she can do whatever it takes for them to survive.

But everything changes when the Queen of Lore dies during the annual Transfer of Life ceremony, mysteriously bestowing her immense power on Arabella instead of the rightful heir.

Now, falsely accused of treason, Arabella is set to be executed by the High Council for a royal murder she never committed. All while outside the castle walls, Lore descends into chaos.

Violent uprising looms on the horizon unless Arabella can prove her innocence and harness the incredible royal power now coursing through her veins…

Even if it means losing everyone she's ever loved.

Book Cover: Shattered: Book Two of The Illusion of Truth
Part of the The Illusion of Truth series:

He's always taken risks… but this risk might be his last.

In a society that has forgotten that some of its citizens are human, Kalib Hawkins is just trying to survive.

Born into the Cobalts, the lowest rung of society, he has done everything to protect those he loves, even if it meant skirting the rules. So when an opportunity presents itself to ensure the safety of his best friend, Tenly Hawkins, he must leave everything behind and follow her into the Cobalt Premier Workforce.

But instead of being happy, Tenly begrudges his choice and rejects him. Somehow she knows he doesn't deserve the placement and must have cheated to get ahead.

Nothing is as he knew it in a new Scarlet household that holds dangerous secrets, and Kalib must accept a fate that could lead to his destruction.

Despite the threat, his pull to Tenly won't leave his mind, especially when he sees her drawing closer to a treacherous member of her household…

And there's little he can do to protect her this time.

Book Cover: Collapsed: Book One of The Illusion of Truth
Part of the The Illusion of Truth series:

The world is split in two...and either side could be deadly for her.

In a society of extreme haves and have nots, Tenly Hawkins is firmly the latter.

Born into the Cobalts, the lowest rung of society, she's done everything possible to escape her fate. She's obeyed all the rules. So, when she finally manages to secure a position in the Premier Workforce, she's sure all her hard work is about to pay off. 

But as it turns out, life among the elite Scarlets isn't as rosy as it appears from the outside. There's growing civil unrest between the progressives and the traditionalists--not to mention the corruption and cover ups.

And Tenley soon finds herself squarely in the middle of all of it.

With her dream life about to burn to the ground around her, the only person she can trust is her best friend, Kalib. Too bad Kalib has some potentially dangerous secrets of his own.

For Tenly, only one thing is certain. If she isn't careful, she could lose a lot more than she bargained for...