Secrets Come Into the Light

Meena digs deeper into the academy and the world of witches and magic. Can she stay sane in a place so incredibly insane?

Continue the amazing magical adventure that you won't be able to put down.




Magic isn't Taken—it's Inherited.

Eighteen-year-old Meena Song wants a normal life with a normal job and normal friends. Well, that ain't happening.

An unbelievable secret is revealed in the worst possible place—a public bathroom. Yup, gross, but still not the strangest thing she'll see today.

Who gets invited to a magical academy if you have zero magical ability? Meena does. Witches and wizards are real, but most of them are a-holes. Now, she has to figure out why she was brought to this prestigious manor in the woods, filled with lies, clicks, and one incredibly hot jerk that Meena can't seem to avoid.

Broken Wand Academy shares the same universe as Marisa Claire's Academy of Shifters series. There's more to this world than you can possibly imagine.