Book Cover: The Fall of Lore
Part of the Betrayal of Magic series:

Deception Fueled by Magic, Loyalty Tested by Fire

Continue Arabella's thrilling quest to save a Queendom threatened by dark magic and sinister secrets. Her powers are growing, but the danger is exploding. Life in Lore will never be the same.

Can the Queendom of Lore survive what's to come?

Book Cover: Crown of Lore
Part of the Betrayal of Magic series:

Sometimes magic chooses you—whether you want it or not.

Arabella is a peasant, scavenging the borderlands of the country known as Lore. It’s a hard, dangerous life. But with Asher, her one true love, by her side, she’s accepted her fate – until something turns her entire life upside down...

When the Queen of Lore suddenly dies during a magical ceremony, her royal symbol appears on Arabella's arm. The High Council is shocked and terrified. According to ancient tradition, a simple peasant must never hold the Queen's Essence, or the immense mystical power that comes with it...

Torn from all she's ever known, Arabella must find the courage to prove she is worthy of this new power, and save her home from plunging into chaos.

But can a simple peasant live up to this awesome responsibility? And can she reunite with Asher before it's too late?

Crown of Lore is a royal fantasy with heart-pounding suspense and romance that will leave you begging for more. Readers of Red Queen and Thorne of Glass will love this new series.

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