Book Cover: The Relic Queen
Part of the The Relic Chronicles series:

Loyalty Tested by Fire

Continue Arabella's thrilling quest to save a Queendom threatened by dark and sinister secrets. Her powers are growing, but the danger is exploding. Life in Lore will never be the same.

Can the Queendom of Lore survive what's to come?

Book Cover: The Relic Class
Part of the The Relic Chronicles series:

A Dreaded Ceremony. A Twist of Fate. A Death Sentence.

The world outside Lore is bleak. Desolate. Dangerous. Scavenging in the borderlands to stay alive is all Arabella's lowly Relic class family has ever known. It's a miserable existence, but as long as she has her true love, Asher, by her side, she can do whatever it takes for them to survive.

But everything changes when the Queen of Lore dies during the annual Transfer of Life ceremony, mysteriously bestowing her immense power on Arabella instead of the rightful heir.

Now, falsely accused of treason, Arabella is set to be executed by the High Council for a royal murder she never committed. All while outside the castle walls, Lore descends into chaos.

Violent uprising looms on the horizon unless Arabella can prove her innocence and harness the incredible royal power now coursing through her veins…

Even if it means losing everyone she's ever loved.

Magic and Elemental Powers Battle for Everything

I've excepted who I am, Fae royalty, but now everything is at stake. I'm not human anymore, but everything I hold dear is rooted in the humanity ingrained in me. Time to bring together the best of both worlds and kick some ass... all in the hopes of saving the ones I love!

Last of a royal bloodline

This has to be a dream...a nightmare. I don't want any of this. An irresistible, yet infuriating fated mate, scary unwanted powers, and worst of all, the responsibilities of two realms bearing down on me. Can I just go back to being broke and alone?