Shifters and Magic Collide

Remi is just beginning to understand her powers when a new face enters her life.

Meena from the Broken Wand Academy enters Remi's life and she's not alone!

It will be one hell of a week at the Academy!

Continue Remi's incredible story and find out what happens next.

Will she discover the truth about her brother? What will happen next with Remi's intense relationship with Laith? Can she uncover the truth about her ability?

The second semester at the Gladwell Academy of Shifters starts now!

Continue Remi's incredible story and find out what happens next with Remi, Laith, Victoria, Hickoree, and the others. The darkest secrets about the Tooth and Claw Society will be revealed.

Will Remi find her brother or was it all just a delusional?

Facing the Darkness is going to require a sacrifice. Will Josy be willing to take the ultimate risk?

A Necessary Sacrifice is episode seven of the enchanting new Spellcaster Academy series. A new exciting episode

Magic and Monsters

Incredible truths are revealed about the greater world outside the academy. Remi is at the heart of it all.