Book Cover: The Winter Sacrifice
Part of the Rise of the Dark Fae series:

Never kiss a Fae the first time you meet… you’ll always end up getting burned.

I’m so stupid.

I shouldn't have accepted their job offer. But the money, the excitement…the glamour was just too tempting to pass up.

Even stupider, when I arrive for work, I lock eyes—and lips—with the most arrogant, but delicious guy I’ve ever seen, and an unbelievable truth is revealed...

My so-called employers are murderous, dark Fae from a parallel realm, and the whole elaborate offer is a damn lie.

Oh, and that sexy guy I made out with? He’s the Heir to the Winter Throne.

And somehow, he’s my fated mate.

He’s hot as hell, but I need to run… immediately.

But when I try, a dangerous secret about myself is exposed, sending the Fae courts into chaos and seeking war with the human world…

And now the prince is hot on my tail... in more ways than one.

The insatiable heat drawing us together is only tempered by the hate that smolders between us. Forced together to survive, I have no choice but to trust him—or risk letting their cruel war shatter all I’ve ever known...

Reviews:natnavarro75 on Amazon wrote:

Love, love, love this book 😍... Brynn is an amazing FMC, fierce, badass, loyal to the core woman, who will stop at nothing to save her only one friend 🤗, even when she discoveres a new world, full of magic, deceit, betrayal and a hot fae who is growing on her, even against her better judgment 😅🙈... When she discoveres who she really is, her world is turned upside down and now she must decide what will she do, forget about the fae and their magical world or fight against them??? 🤔😳🤯... Can't wait for the next book to find out!!! 😍❤️